Be the Small Business That Invests in Their Customers

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One aspect of business is to make sure that the customers always come back. It is 6 times more costly to gain customers than it is to keep customers. The challenge comes with retaining customers for the long run. Here are some ways to keep the patrons coming back and how to afford it:

Go the Extra Mile

Everyone loves extras. For a company that meets expectations, you are bound to have a satisfied customer walk away, but how do you know if they’re going to come back? To meet an expectation is to be satisfactory but little more than that. As a small business, you should encourage your customers to visit again. Giving away extras can be a great way to draw people in. For instance, offer a discount off their next purchase, provide free gift wrapping, waive a delivery fee or assist a customer in transporting their items to the car.

Rewards for Loyalty

Loyalty programs are what keep customers coming back to a store. While your product may sell, you have to keep in mind that there is always competition that will make your customers wander elsewhere. A small business can put set up a reward system easily. For instance, punch cards can offer freebies or coupons for discounts after they have spent a certain amount of money can help encourage them to come back.

Personalized Service

Keep your customer in mind at all times. You want to make them feel special, rather than like one more customer at the end of the day. One way to do this is to negotiate prices to suit your patrons. People often feel good with special attention and it shows that you know your customer base and that not everyone is the same.

Figure out What They Need in Advance

In addition to offering up rewards and little extras, try to think about what else the customer might need or want in advance. As a small business, you have the power in what deals you throw or how you treat a customer after a purchase. You can throw sales for different events or call to check on whether or not they were satisfied with services.

How do you fund it?

While this list can help retain customers, it also can’t be accomplished without money to back it. In order for a small business to retain customers, extra funding has to go in. Creative Capital Partners offers business loans that can help fund your needs.